Glasnevin Bridge Club

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Section 11. Miscellaneous

Rule 58. When the term of office of any Executive Committee Member of Glasnevin Bridge Club expires such member shall be immediately eligible to be re-elected and may serve in the same or any other office in GBC, except for the President who may not serve for more than two consecutive years at a time.

Rule 59. The retiring President shall automatically fill one of the 12 positions on the Executive Committee following the year of retirement.

Rule 60. When an officer is absent, or otherwise unable to perform the duties of his/her office, the Executive Committee may by resolution designate another member of GBC to act temporarily in his/her place. Any such appointment shall cease upon the resumption by such officer of his/her duties.

Rule 61. All books of account and other records of GBC shall at all times be available to the Executive Committee.

Rule 62. GBC shall effect and maintain such insurances as the Executive Committee consider necessary or desirable.

Rule 63. Glasnevin Bridge Club shall retain permanently the following records:
(1) Register of members.
(2) Constitution & Rules and amendments thereto.
(3) Minutes of Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings.

Rule 64. Any competitor in a club competition who considers himself or herself aggrieved at a decision of a tournament director shall have the right of appeal to the Tournament Officer provided that he/she shall notify the tournament director of his/her intention to appeal, and furnish the grounds of his/her appeal to the tournament director for transmission to the Tournaments Officer within one hour of the termination of the relevant competition. The Tournaments Officer may at his/her discretion suspend the adjudication of a competition which is the subject of an appeal pending a decision of the Executive Committee.

Rule 65. A member may invite a guest to play on GBC’s Club Night. Such invitations are restricted to 3 invitations per member per club year and visitors shall not participate in major Club Competitions. A visitor book will be maintained by GBC.

Rule 66. Questions relating to the interpretation of these rules may be referred to the Executive Committee and their decision in each case shall be final and binding.