Glasnevin Bridge Club

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Section 6. Extraordinary General Meeting

Rule 31. The Executive Committee whenever it thinks fit may convene an extraordinary general meeting of GBC.

Rule 32. The Executive Committee shall, upon the receipt of a written request of not less than 10 members addressed to the Executive Committee at its premises, convene an extraordinary general meeting of the members. If within one month of the date of receipt in the club premises of such written request, the Executive Committee has not convened an extraordinary general meeting to be held within six weeks of the said date any five members of GBC acting on behalf of the said ten members may convene an extraordinary general meeting.

Rule 33. The notice of any extraordinary general meeting shall state the purpose for which it is to be held and no business other than that specified in the notice convening it may be dealt with at such meeting.

Rule 34. Subject to the preceding rules of this section relevant provision of rules 19 to 24 shall apply to a special general meeting of GBC as if it were an annual general meeting.