Glasnevin Bridge Club

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Section 10. Complaints

Rule 53. Any complaint by a member must be in writing to the Honorary Secretary who shall immediately pass it to the President.

Rule 54. The President will appoint two members of the Executive Committee to investigate the complaint and to prepare a paper on the complaint for consideration at the next monthly Executive Committee meeting or, time preventing, the following meeting of the Executive Committee.

Rule 55. The Executive Committee reserve the right to discipline a member or visitor for disruptive or inappropriate behaviour. If the person is a visitor they shall be barred from playing in GBC. If the person is a member the Executive Committee will decide on the appropriate action which shall range from a letter of Sanction through Suspension extending to Expulsion of the member.

Rule 56. Third party complaints against a member or visitor will be accepted verbally in the first instance but shall, for the avoidance of doubt, be stated in writing by the Executive Committee for signature by the Complainant.

Rule 57. All communications in relation to complaints shall be in writing and the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.