Glasnevin Bridge Club

National & Regional Bodies
Contract Bridge Association of Ireland
Dublin North Region
Irish Bridge Union
Northern Ireland Bridge Union
English Bridge Union
Scottish Bridge Union
Welsh Bridge Union
European Bridge League
American Contract Bridge League
World Bridge Federation

The Dublin North Region site maintains a list of links to the websites of all other regions in Ireland and to all known Irish Bridge Club websites.

The results of most national competitions and congresses are posted on one of the following three tournament directors’ websites;
Bernard Higgins
Fearghal O’Boyle
Fearghal O’Boyle on Bridgewebs
Diarmuid Reddan
Diarmuid Reddan on Bridgewebs
Joe Murray
Joe Murray on Bridgewebs

ECatsBridge is the site used to score simultaneous pairs competitions. Go here to see the results on CBAI and IBU simultaneous pairs competitions, among many others.

Computer Based Bridge

Bridge Base Online (BBO) allows you to play bridge with other people on the internet. Most users play SAYC but there is an Acol section. You can also watch major international competitions (including the Camrose) live on Vugraph.
Bridge Baron is a program which allows you to play bridge on your computer, tablet or smart phone. It bids and plays. You can set it up to use almost any bidding system and chose which conventions to use.
Jack is another computer based program and has won the World Computer Bridge Championship on numerous occasions.
Bridge Master 2000 presents you with a series of increasingly difficult hands which you play as declarer. It is totally unforgiving. You can make every contract but if you make any mistake you go down.

Some Other Interesting Sites
BridgeHands and Bridge Guys are two large sites with extensive information on systems and conventions.
The Bridge World’s Website has an excellent
Bridge Glossary.
Great Bridge Links is a site which does precisely what the name suggests.
Wikipedia contains hundreds of articles on bridge topics. They have a specific project to improve the quality of their bridge articles as described
Pattaya Bridge Club (in Thailand) has a very interesting site including a comprehensive description of numerous conventions.
Richard Pavlicek’s Site contains a wealth of useful information.
This link to an
Online Bridge Resource Guide was sent to me courtesy of Aubree Wood of Morrow, Georgia, USA and also of Kayla McMahon of Apple Creek, Ohio, USA. It contains numerous useful links.