Glasnevin Bridge Club

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Section 3. The Executive Committee

Rule 6. The Executive Committee shall consist of twelve members all of whom shall be at least twenty one years old and paid up members of GBC.

Rule 7. Regular terms of members of the Executive Committee shall be for periods of not more than two years. The regular terms shall be so fixed at the AGM meeting that approximately an equal number of regular terms shall expire at each Annual General Meeting. Retiring Executive Committee Members shall be eligible for re-election immediately on retirement.

Rule 8. Any casual vacancy on the Executive Committee may be filled by a vote of a majority of the Executive Committee then holding office. A member so appointed shall hold office only until the conclusion of the next following Annual General Meeting when they then shall be eligible for re-election immediately to fill any unexpired terms, or to hold office for any regular terms for which there are vacancies.

Rule 9. Regular meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held not less than once in every month, the date, time and place to be decided by the President.

Rule 10. Four Members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Executive Committee.

Rule 11. The President or in his/her absence the Vice President may call a special meeting of the Executive Committee at any time and shall do so upon written request of any three Committee Members. The President or in his/her absence the Vice President shall fix the date and place of such meeting unless the Executive Committee by resolution prescribes otherwise.

Rule 12. All meetings of the Executive Committee shall be summoned in such manner as the Executive Committee may from time to time by resolution prescribe.

Rule 13. Any Executive Committee Member who without due excuse accepted by the Executive Committee fails to attend at three consecutive regular meetings of the Executive Committee shall be deemed to have vacated his/her office and the vacancy may be filled as provided in rule 17.

Rule 14. The Executive Committee must be fully paid up Members of GBC to serve on the Executive Committee of GBC.

Rule 15. Each Executive Member shall have one vote on any matter at a meeting of the Executive Committee, provided that the presiding officer shall have a second casting vote in the event of equality of voting.

Rule 16. Minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee shall be recorded by the Secretary and shall be signed at the next meeting by the President or other presiding member and shall contain the following particulars:
(a) The date and place of the meeting.
(b) The names of the members present.
(c) The name of the presiding member.
(d) A list of the decisions taken, the proposers and seconders, and whether the decisions taken were made unanimously or by a majority.
(e) A list of failed actions.

Rule 17. Subject to these rules the Executive Committee shall have the general control, direction, and management of the affairs, funds and records of GBC and more particularly shall:
(1) Make decisions in regard to applications for membership.
(2) Affiliate to any organisation which has similar aims to those of GBC.
(3) Fix the competition and tournament fees.
(4) Fill any casual vacancy occurring in the office of auditor.
(5) Employ and fix the terms of employment of such person or persons as the Executive Committee considers necessary for the purposes of GBC.
(6) Pay any expenses necessarily incurred by an Executive Committee Member or member of any other committee of GBC in carrying out any duties in respect of the business of GBC, such expenses to be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
(7) Remunerate any clerical or professional assistance employed by the Executive Committee.
(8) During the absence or disability of any officer appoint another member of GBC to act temporarily in his/her stead.
(9) Submit the accounts of GBC for audit.
(10) Appoint such other committees or delegates as it deems necessary from time to time to facilitate the operations of GBC and define their powers and duties. The names and functions of any sub-committee appointed by the Executive Committee shall be displayed in GBC’s premises.
(11) Make arrangements for the Annual General Meetings and other meetings as deemed necessary from time to time.
(12) Perform or authorise any action consistent with law and these rules not specifically reserved to the members.