Glasnevin Bridge Club

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Section 9. Finance.

Rule 46. The funds of GBC may be deposited in banks and savings banks licensed to operate in the state.

Rule 47. All funds of GBC except for petty cash and cash change funds shall be deposited in such depositories as the Executive Committee may from time to time designate and shall be deposited so at least once a week provided however, that receipts in the aggregate of €200 or less may be held for up to two weeks before they are deposited.

Rule 48. All disbursements of funds shall be made by cheques or other written instruments signed by the President and Treasurer provided however, that prizes for competitions and small amounts may be paid in cash.

Rule 49. Each Member of GBC shall pay an Annual Subscription the basic amount of which will be approved at the AGM.

Rule 50. Each Member of GBC and visitors shall pay table money at the rate determined from time to time.

Rule 51. The President is exempt from all club table money during his/her term of office. In addition the Tournament Director on the night is exempt from table money.

Rule 52. The Executive Committee may propose Honoraria to the AGM for the approval of the members.