Glasnevin Bridge Club

Bridge Classes for Beginners and Refreshers 2019/2020

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Learn to play bridge. Bridge is a most fulfilling past time. As well as being a fascinating mind game, it is also a very sociable activity. You will have the opportunity to meet many new people while enjoying the sheer satisfaction of learning a game that will stretch your mental abilities as far as you desire. If you take to it, you will be rewarded with a hobby which will provide you with endless satisfaction and enjoyment for many years to come.

This season’s series of classes for beginners commences on Wednesday 25
th September at 19.30. It comprises of two terms of ten lessons each, the second term commencing in January 2020. Our teacher is Anne Doyle, a CBAI affiliated tutor, renowned for her friendly and encouraging approach. Bridge is, of course, a card game. Some people worry that they will not be able to learn it unless they are familiar with other card games. This is simply not true and the lessons are perfectly suitable for people who have never played cards before. Bridge is also a partnership game, in that you always play with a partner. If you have a prospective bridge partner and want to learn together, that’s great but in practice this is unusual and the classes do not require it. These classes will also be suitable for people who used to play bridge in the past and now wish to return to the game.

Glasnevin Bridge Club is keen to attract Novice players and to that end, runs a special novice section for several weeks to months after the end of classes. The purpose of this is to help integrate new novices into the club. These novice sessions are open to newly qualified novices from other clubs but priority is given to our own students.

Practical Details

Commencement Date: Wednseday 25th September, 2019.

Time: 19.30-22.30.

Two terms of 10 lessons per term, the second term commencing during January 2020.

Cost: €100 per term

Venue: St. Michael’s Special National School, Ballymun Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. There is ample free off-street parking. For directions, click here.

Applications: The simplest way to apply is online by clicking on this link. Alternatively, send an email to