Glasnevin Bridge Club

Powell Cup & Madden Trophy
The competition for the Powell Cup (Open Pairs) and the Madden Trophy (Intermediate B/Novice Pairs) took place on Wednesday 24th November on BBO. There were 9 full tables. Unfortunately, BBO does not have a practicable movement to allow the running of a one session/one-winner tournament with 9 tables. To further complicate matters, there was a tie for first place between two pairs in the NS competition.
Congratulations therefore to the three pairs who shared the honours in the
Powell Cup:

Breda Dolan & Geralyn Rownan (NS)
Séan Maguire & John Moyles (NS)
Thérèse Gumbrielle & Aidan Synnott (EW)

Congratulations also to the two pairs who shared the Madden Trophy:

Malachy Geraghty & Joe Sheeky (NS)
Joan Connolly & Brian Vaughan (EW)

Norma Madden,
Friday 26
th November, 2021.