Glasnevin Bridge Club

Glasnevin Bridge Club originated from Ballymun Ladies Club which had bridge classes as one of its activities in 1969. The first President was Mrs. Pat O’Flynn who was a past President of the Ballymun Ladies Club and was thus the then logical “victim” for the office when she called the inaugural meeting in 1969.

The first membership comprised of husbands and friends of some of the Ballymun Ladies Club membership.The initial club room was the kitchen of St. Michael’s House and the first game comprised of three tables. The club was originally called Ballymun Bridge Club.

The first secretary was Helen Woods and the first Treasurer was Brian Downes, who held office for sixteen years. Brian was also president in 1979 and 1980.

Lessons were initially conducted by a Mrs. Bea Titterton and a Mrs. Maguire supplemented by a book titled “The Bones of Bridge” which is still going round today. There have been a number of honorary members over the years; Jimmy Powell, Pat Hayes and Fr. Patrick Fagan who is still an active member of the club.

The first AGM was held in 1970 and the President elected was Jimmy Powell. The club affiliated with the CBAI in 1970.

There have been three constitutions; the initial one of which no copy could be located. An amended constitution was adopted in 1977 and the latest one in 2010 under the Presidency of Ailish O’Connell.

The club has gone through many changes throughout its history. The last year has seen a re-energisation of the club which is to the fore in its administration, as can be seen from its website This is our acknowledgement to all the previous Presidents and Committees and our challenge to those who will follow.

No history of the club could omit a mention of St. Michael’s School, a Special National School. One cannot but be amazed at the beautiful visions we enjoy when observing the work displayed by the children in the corridor and hall as the seasons unfold throughout the year. We are privileged indeed to have our club in such a wonderful environment and even more privileged that we are able to contribute to their needs to some degree. To mark our 40th anniversary, we have committed to recognising the relationship with a particular special gift.