Glasnevin Bridge Club

Glasnevin Bridge Club
Dear Member,
I am writing to bring you up to date with events in Glasnevin Bridge Club. As many of you will know, the club has been to the forefront in the development of Virtual Bridge since the beginning of the pandemic. 60% of our members have signed up for the virtual club and are actively playing most weeks on Wednesdays. Many also play on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Whitehall Regional and Iona Bridge Clubs. Membership of the Glasnevin Regional Virtual Bridge Club (GRVBC) is open to all members, in good standing, of Glasnevin, Iona, Whitehall Regional and Sportslink bridge clubs and members of the Virtual Club can play any of the above three evening. Clubs may however opt to run certain special competitions (e.g. President’s Prize) and can be confined these to their own members.
If you are one of the 40% who are not playing and have felt deterred from doing so because you are uncomfortable with the technology, please consider contacting us and we will do anything we can to help you get online and become familiar with Bridge Base Online. It’s really not that difficult, and once you become familiar with it, you will discover that virtual bridge can be almost as satisfying as the real thing.
Speaking of the real thing, the committee has been keeping a close eye on developments around the resumption of face to face bridge. It is our considered opinion that this will not be possible in 2020, so you may take it that the regular club will not be re-opening before the new year and many of us feel that such a move will not be possible until next Easter, at the very earliest.
Your committee had its last normal meeting on 9/3/2020 and has had several Zoom meetings since. We have decided not to hold an AGM this year. Holding one in the normal manner is clearly impossible, given the current public health restrictions. We considered holding one using Zoom but decided against that on the grounds that many of our members, who are unfamiliar with the technology required, would be effectively excluded. Instead, we decided to send this letter to all members. There are, in particular; four items of business we have discussed and want to bring to your attention.
  1. There are currently ten members on the Executive Committee. Five of them are eligible to serve a second year and all have agreed to do so. They are:
    a. Bernadette Sweeney (President)
    b. Aidan Synnott (Honorary Secretary) c. Séamus Logue (Honorary Treasurer) d. Eddie Broe (Tournament Officer)
    e. Geraldine McLoughlin
  2. The other five members of the committee require re-nomination to serve a further 2 years. They are all willing to serve and have been proposed and seconded. They are:
    a. Mary Aird
    b. Anne Hogan
    c. Yvonne Keating
    d. Norma Madden
    e. Geraldine McLoughlin f. Gaye O’Brien
16th September 2020.
Glasnevin Bridge Club
  1. The annual accounts for the 2019/2020 year have been completed by our treasurer, Séamus Logue and approved by our auditor, Máire O’Mahony. A copy is attached.
  2. The committee has decided to waive the portion of the annual membership fee which goes to the club for 2020/2021. The fee last year was €30.00, of which €12.50 represented the CBAI affiliation fee. The latter is collected by all affiliated clubs from all of their members and is passed on to the CBAI. The affiliation fee this year has been reduced to €10.00, provided it is paid before the end of November. After that, it reverts to €12.50. In order to maintain your membership, you should remit €10 to the club before the end of November. Don’t forget to include your name with your payment. The easiest and cheapest way to pay, for all concerned, is by electronic transfer. The details are as follows:
IBAN: BIC: A/C Name:
IE15 BOFI 9005 7853 2025 38 BOFIIE2D Glasnevin Bridge Club
Alternatively, post a crossed cheque payable to Glasnevin Bridge Club to:
Mr. Séamus Logue, 6 Cremore Park, Glasnevin, Dublin 11.
D11 RK58
If any member wishes to make any enquiries, make any suggestions or raise any objections in relation to any or all of the above four items, they are invited to do so in writing to the Honorary Secretary on or before the last day of September 2020.
Mr. Aidan Synnott, Apartment 14, Seascape, 366, Clontarf Road, Dublin 3.
D03 PT62
Kind Regards, Aidan Synnott, Honorary Secretary.
16th September 2020.