Simple Overcalls at the Two Level

This bid promises a high quality 6+ card suit or, exceptionally, a solid 5 card suit. It also promises opening strength i.e. if opener had passed, this hand would have opened at the 1 level. Given that it usually has a 6 card suit, this means that it might be a 10-11 count with 7-losers but the test should be “If my RHO hadn’t opened, would I open this at the one level?” If the answer is no, pass. If yes, go ahead and overcall at the 2 level. Why is the 2 level different? Quite simply because the risk of being doubled for penalties, which is pretty remote at the 1 level, is now very real at the 2 level.

Since overcaller is promising opening strength, advancer’s thresholds for Unassuming Cue-Bids and NT overcalls are reduced by about 2HCPs. Likewise, overcaller is generally promising 6 cards, so an honor doubleton is good enough for support - if overcaller is bidding on the basis of a solid 5 card suit, advancer can’t have an honor!

Otherwise, everything should proceed as after a 1 level overcall.