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Opening Balanced Hands
As in every system, all 4333 and 4432 shaped hands are treated as balanced at all levels.
In this system all 5332 shaped hands are also treated as balanced even where the five card suit is a major. At the 2NT level and above, 5422 shaped hands
may be opened as balanced if there is no better way to describe them. Such shaped hands at and below 19HCPs are never treated as balanced nor are any hands with singletons or 6 card suits at any level. Therefore, all balanced openings absolutely guarantee at least 2 cards in every suit and absolutely deny the possibility of any suit being longer than 5 cards.


1 suit & reverse into 1NT*
1 suit & reverse into 2NT**

System on?

*If you have 15-17 points and partner's intervention prevents you from reversing into 1NT, go ahead and bid 2NT. If your opponents intervention prevents you from reversing into 1NT, you must pass unless partner has bid in which case you can double to show your hands shape and strength.
**If you have 18-19 and partner bids at the 2 level, your 2NT is game forcing.
***In third seat, the 1NT opening can be 11-14. This must be announced.

System of Responses to 1NT
2C is Stayman.
2D is a Transfer to 2H.
2H is a Transfer to 2S.
2S is a Transfer to 3C
2NT is a Transfer to 3D.
3C/D/H/S are slam tries.
3NT is to play.
4C shows 6/5 in the majors - this system does not use Gerber.
4NT is Quantitative to 6NT (19-20 points).
5NT is Quantitative to 7NT (23-24 points)

System of Responses to 2NT, 2D-2NT or 2C-2NT
3C is Puppet Stayman.
3D is a Transfer to 3H.
3H is a Transfer to 3S.
3S is Minor Suit Stayman
3NT is to play.
4C/D/H/S are slam tries (N.B. 4C is not Gerber)
4NT is Quantitative to 6NT.
5NT is Quantitative to 7NT.

Effect of Interference
A penalty double of 1NT switches the system off and activates Helvic. However, a double which merely shows a long suit does not switch the system off.
An overcall of 1NT switched the system off and activates Rubensohl with one exception which is that a 2C overcall showing an unspecified long suit does not interfere with the system.

Note that at any given time one, and only one, of the system of responses to NT or Helvic or Rubensohl must be active.

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