Glasnevin Bridge Club

Jacoby 2NT
This is a bid of 2NT in response to partner’s 1H or 1S opening. However note that any intervention (including Dbl) switches this convention off so in those circumstances, a 2NT bid reverts to its natural meaning (10-12 balanced and denying any support). It is unconditionally game-forcing and promises;
  • Primary (i.e. 4+ card) support.
  • Game values or better.
  • Possible slam interest.
Openers Responses (again assuming no intervention). 1H-2NT used in examples, 1S-2NT analogous)
  • 4H - no slam interest. Non-forcing.
  • 3H - slam interest and extra heart length i.e. 6+. Forcing.
  • 3NT - slam interest and exactly 5 hearts. Forcing.
  • 3C/3D/3S - slam interest with a feature (singleton or void) in the bid suit. Forcing.
  • 4C/4D/4S - A high quality (2 top honours) 5 card suit. By definition, opener also has a feature since he can only be 5521 or 5530 but priority is given to showing the high quality suit. Slam is highly likely.
  • Responder may sign off in 4H if he has nothing better to say. Any other bid is control-showing or ace-asking.

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