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Multi Landy
There are many defenses available after the opposition opens 1NT. This one is popular in Europe and parts of it come very naturally if you are familiar with the Multi 2D opening. It is among the best around. It applies over any 1NT opening, regardless of strength.
There is no set point count but
all suits being shown must be of decent quality, so realistically, you must have opening points or there about. Don’t think you have to use this convention just because your hand happens to have a suitable shape. Always ask yourself whether it would be better to pass and defend and always take vulnerability into account.

Over “their” 1NT opening;
  • 2C shows both majors, at least 5-4.
  • 2D shows a single suited major hand with a good quality 6+ card suit or, perhaps, a solid 5 card suit.
  • 2H shows a 2 suiter; 5 hearts and a minor (4+).
  • 2S shows a 2 suiter; 5 spades and a minor (4+).
  • 2NT shows 5-5 or longer in the minors i.e. unusual 2NT
  • Double is for penalties - most 16+ hands should double (particularly over a weak NT)
  • 3 level bids are natural and very strong.
  • Over the 2C overcall, advancer* bids his longest major or 2D with majors of equal length. The auction now proceeds naturally.
  • The 2D bid can be used to show any suit but is generally used to show only a major, as in this system. There are two reasons for playing it this way. The first is that the response is very simple i.e. a weak partner bids 2H and you pass or correct, while a strong partner bids 2NT. The second reason is that holding a six card minor, it is usually better to defend than play in the minor at the three level. If you happen to pick up a minor powerhouse, you can advertise it by overcalling at the 3 level.
  • Over 2H/S, your usual options are to pass with support or tolerance, or bid 2NT to force partner to show his minor. If you have support for partner’s major and invitational strength, raise partner’s major to the 3 level. Finally, you can bid any other suit at the three level to play.
  • Double should usually be passed but if you have less than 4 points, consider taking it out. Partner will get the message that you are very weak.

* In bridge parlance, opener’s partner is responder and an overcaller’s partner is advancer.

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