Glasnevin Bridge Club

Trial Bids (Help suit trial bids)
These arise after low level major suit agreement sequences i.e. 1H-2H or 1S-2S. Opener will typically have a good hand, about 16 points and have a side suit where he fears 3 or so quick losers. If partner can help with this suit, by virtue of either high card strength or shortage, game may be on. To proceed, opener bids the suit he needs help in as cheaply as possible. Partner responds as follows;
  • With 0-1 loser in the side suit, bid game.
  • With 3 losers in the side suit, sign off in 3 of the agreed major.
  • With 2 losers and a maximum for the 2 level bid (i.e. 9 losers or 9 points), bid game, otherwise sign off.
Note that opener must be happy to play at the 3 level in the face of a negative response from partner, otherwise he should have settled for the 2 level part score.
Note also that after 1H-3H or 1S-3S the bid of a new suit is not a trial bids but a control showing cue bid for slam.

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